High Heals Kitchen… Ready To Serve You

High Heals Kitchen is a California approved medical marijuana edibles company with a delivery service. Thus we provide legal access to gourmet edibles and premium cannabis products to state certified patients.


Our Mission

High Heals Kitchen is committed to providing our patients with the highest quality products in the medical marijuana industry at affordable prices. Significant attention has been paid to gourmet recipe development, sustainable sourcing and the delivery of consistent quality. We will remain sensitive to our patients needs for healthy, deliciously baked goods and premium quality flowers ensuring that we always stand apart from our competitors. We are committed to our patient’s wellness offering only the most delectable edibles, the finest organic strains and related products. From the top down our staff is  knowledgeable, professional and compassionate.


Our Products

High Heals Kitchen offers a wide range of exciting products. We proudly present of small batches of Cookies, Granolas, Trail Mixes and Protein Bars. All of our kitchen’s products are created the old fashion way. Our recipes are the work of our founder and our master chef. Each and every batch is hand crafted by our chef in our California certified kitchen. THC and CBD infusion processes are all hand meticulously undertaken. Our company protocol further dictates that a sample from each and batch be tested by an independent lab called CannaSafe  http://csalabs.com/ 


Our Patients

High Heals Kitchen is a membership-based organization. To be a member, you must be a qualified patient or caregiver within the state of California. High Heals Kitchen is not a walk-in dispensary, however HHK provides delivery services to members of our collective. Our knowledgeable staff atHigh Heals Kitchen will help you select the most effective form of Medical Cannabis for your medical needs. It is very easy to become a HHK patient / member and there are many privileges to joining our medical marijuana collective.



Latest Edible & Infusion News

  • Reminder to Wholesale Customers: Orders over $250 have NO DELIVERY CHARGE
  • High Heals Kitchen offers 50g 100ml THC Gourmet Cookies including: Chocolate Chip, Peanut Butter, Baby Modda and Baby Daddy
  • Mini-Cookies! Four 25g 50ml cookies to a single package – both convenient and very popular
  • Punkies Spicy Chics Mix
  • High Heals Kitchen offers Protein Bars in three exclusive flavors – Berry Berry, Choco Berry and Wild Berry with Nuts
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