"Healing For The Nations"

“Healing For The Nations”


For many years I suffered from a horrible and debilitating illness called Cushing’s disease or Hypercortisolism. Amid the many unsettling effects including upper body weight gain, high blood pressure, migraines, joint and muscular pain, general fatigue, anxiety and even mood disorders was an intense desire to simply be well! Could there be healing be in these leaves?

My discomfort initiated friends and family members to informed me about the beneficial effects of using medicinal marijuana to manage many of these maladies. I was doubtful at first but was willing to investigate their claims. The responsible use of medical marijuana changed my life! The alternative medicinal compounds (THC, CBD et al.) found in Cannabis were not the absolute cure but they both made my illness much more tolerable while my traditional physicians sought an operative cure.




With others in mind I founded High Heals Kitchen Inc., as an alternative for men and women in need. To this end we have been pursuing recipes for success for a number of years. Even though our products are in high demand our confectionary chefs have maintained their distinctive style of baking ultra small batches of cannabis infused sweets. Without regret we only use the freshest, highest quality ingredients in our recipes to ensure an unprecedented gourmet experience while eating our edibles.

High Heals Kitchen distinguishes itself from other edible manufactures by providing a gourmet alternative to those who are seeking hand-crafted cookies, granolas, chocolates and candies. Our culinary traditions embrace the use of exceptionally high standards including passing rigorous inspections that evaluate taste, customer service and accurate potency.

In line with our heritage High Heals Kitchen infuses our boutique recipes with California’s most legendary strains to ensure edibles of premium medicinal value. We are dedicated to providing our patients with the very best edibles experience. So if you’re interested in “GETTING YOUR HEALS ON” while eating for health and well-being our flavors and quality are sure to exceed your highest expectations.

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